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Welcome To Merry Maids - Maid Service In Hopkins, MN

Are you looking for Hopkins, MN, maids that will serve your daily, weekly, or monthly needs? At Merry Maids of Hopkins, we hire only high-quality employees so that our clients in Hopkins, MN, can rest assured that they will receive good service. We are willing to help residents with a wide variety of cleaning services.

Homes can easily become messy when a person has to juggle their work schedule and family life. Even if you choose to do this cleaning on your own, you may find that you do not have the time to finish it all. However, the friendly, professional service of a skilled maid will get these tasks done for you so that you can focus on more important aspects of your daily life. Offering housekeeping, home cleaning, and general cleaning, we will work hard to meet your unique requirements.

The Hopkins, MN, maids at Merry Maids of Hopkins are ready to begin helping you. Additionally, our fully licensed and punctual staff will make sure to arrive on time consistently so that your property in Hopkins, MN, does not go long without a cleaning. We are also part of the MMA program and have the dedication to get the job done right. Speak to a member of our staff today to learn more about our numerous services.

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